Beyonce shows off incredibly toned tummy in cute crop top as she enjoys night out following birth …

You would NEVER believe that Beyonce gave birth to twins just a couple of months ago.

The superstar showed off her toned tummy and incredible post-baby body as she headed out to see Kendrick Lamar at his LA concert.

Beyonce showed off her impressive physique in a bright yellow Fila crop top and a tiny pair of hot pants with a lace-up detail at the sides that doesn’t exactly allow for underwear.

The mum-of-three posed for a snap before heading to the show, and she looked absolutely fierce.

Beyonce looks amazing! (Image:

She struck a confident pose as she stood by the door with her camouflage jacket hanging off her shoulder and a designer bag in her hand.

Meanwhile, it seems that Beyonce clearly isn’t fazed by all the mum shamers who said she shouldn’t be drinking while breastfeeding.

The new mum was on a date night with husband Jay-Z when some eyebrows were raised when she posted a snap of herself sipping on a drink.

However, according to the NHS it’s OK to have a drink when you’re breastfeeding.

The NHS say: “An occasional drink is unlikely to harm your breastfed baby.

Beyonce at Kendrick Lamar (Image: Beyonce)

“It’s recommended that breastfeeding mothers have no more than one or two units of alcohol once or twice a week.

“One unit of alcohol is approximately a single (25ml) measure of spirits, half a pint of beer, or 125ml (small) glass of wine, although this depends on the strength of the drink.”

And rather than respond to her critics, Beyonce instead shared another series of pictures of herself flaunting her post-baby body on her website.

The Drunk In Love singer is posing up a storm in the snaps taken ahead of Kendrick’s concert on Sunday.

Bey, who went to the concert with Kelly Rowland and daughter Blue, is showing off her legs in a pair of tiny denim shorts with raunchy rips in the back.

She paired the daring shorts with a yellow Fila cropped T-shirt and a camouflage jacket.

She’s not the first mum to enjoy the odd drink

(Image: beyonce/Instagram)

Earlier in the week, Bey sparked a parenting debate with a snap of herself sipping on a drink.

While the Beyhive were full of glowing comments, some were quick to criticise.

“Alcohol is authorised when breastfeeding?!” one woman commented with a jaunty smiley face emoji.

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“Ain’t [sic] she breastfeeding though?” asked another.

“Didn’t know breastfeeding and wine go well together…” read another comment with someone else adding

Others were just outright nasty, saying: “Cover up your an old mom” (to be clear, Beyoncé is 35 years old).”

Source: Beyonce

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On Friday, the 47-year-old rap mogul discussed different issues in his life and career during an hour-long podcast interview with the Rap Radar. JAY-Z did not hold back in sharing his side of the story, including the infamous elevator fight with Solange.

Although the rapper did not give specific details on what sparked the argument and how it escalated to a physical fight, he confirmed that it was the only time they had a disagreement and haven't fought since.

The father of three also reiterated that he's always had a great relationship with his wife's sister, adding that Solange is not just his sister-in-law but her sister.

“We've had one disagreement. Before and after, we've been cool. That's my sister. Not my sister-in-law, no, my sister. Period.”

Proving that the elevator fight with Solange was already a thing of the past, JAY-Z quipped about the incident during the interview and expressed his admiration to his sister-in-law's music.

“I think we went into the elevator as great artists. I've always loved Solange's music; I thought she was slept on until this last album [“A Seat at the Table.”] I think Bey made an incredible album before, a hundred of them.”

JAY-Z claims that he only had one rare disagreement with Solange. [Image by Christopher Polk/Getty Images]

To recall, JAY-Z and Solange were engaged in a physical altercation while inside an elevator. According to reports, the trio attended a Met Gala after-party at the Standard Hotel in New York when it all went down.

In a surveillance video obtained by TMZ, Solange can be seen ferociously attacking JAY-Z, wildly kicking and swinging at him inside the elevator. Beyonce can also be seen standing next to the rapper without getting physically involved.

The fight became so intense that a bodyguard had to step in and hold back Solange, who continues to strike JAY-Z. The rapper, on the other hand, did not attempt to strike her back.

Eventually, the group exits the elevator and leaves the venue — Beyonce and Solange in the same car while security walks JAY-Z in a different one.

To this date, it remains unclear what really caused the violent fight. Despite the lack of information, Beyonce did address the incident by releasing a statement, claiming that the “family has worked through it.”

Beyonce even brought up the controversial feud in the remix version of her hit song “Flawless,” saying, “Of course, sometimes s— go down when there's $1 billion on an elevator.”

JAY-Z also appeared to make a public apology to Solange on his new song “Kill Jay Z.”

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[Featured Image by Christopher Polk/Getty Images]

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