Beyonce and Jay-Z's daughter Blue Ivy Carter shares a 'corny joke' with grandmother Tina Knowles …

Beyonce and Jay-Z’s daughter Blue Ivy Carter shares a ‘corny joke’ with grandmother Tina Knowles on Instagram

Tina Knowles has tried to make laughter a part of her social media experience.

‘Corny joke time with A special guest !!’ the mother of superstar singer Beyonce captioned her latest video incarnation on Sunday.

Turns out, the fashion designer enlisted the help of her granddaughter, Blue Ivy carter, to tell her latest social media joke.

Comic relief: Tina Knowles shared her latest ‘corny joke’ on Instagram with the help of ‘A special guest’

In the clip, Lawson announces her ‘beautiful granddaughter’ and proclaims that ‘she actually gave me the joke, so here it goes.’

It was at this point that Blue Ivy waved her hand in front of the camera and said ‘hey’ to acknowledge her grandmother’s introduction.

The seven-year old never showed her face in the video.        

Grand intro: The fashion designer enlisted the help of granddaughter, Blue Ivy, to tell the joke; the seven-year old waved her hand in front of the camera when she was introduced

The Joke: ‘How many lips does a flower have?’ Blue Ivy asked from behind the camera. ‘Two lips – get it?’; the little girl is pictured with her famous mom, Beyonce, and her grandmother

‘How many lips does a flower have?’ Blue Ivy asked from behind the camera. 

‘Well how many?’ Knowles replied back.

‘Two lips – get it?’ the little girl explained with enthusiasm. ‘Because there’s a flower called a Tulip.’ 

‘I got it. I got it,’ Knowles said with an appreciative grin on her face.

The 65-year old has share funny videos and ‘corny jokes’ on her Instagram since May of 2016. Even daughter, Beyonce, has gotten in on the joke telling over the years.

The Texas native divorced Beyonce and Solange’s father, Matthew Knowles, in 2011. She started dating Richard Lawson in 2013, and the couple married in April 2015.

Center stage: Blue Ivy sat next to her dad, Jay-Z and Beyonce at the Grammy Awards show in New York City in January 2018

Adorable: The little girl looked like a blooming fashionista alongside her mom at the MTV Video Awards in New York City in August 2016





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