Beyonce Hit The Epic Mary J. Blige Dance On Stage And Fans Are Losing Their Sh**

Beyoncé and Jay-Z are pulling out the jaw-droppers for their co-headlined On The Run 2 tour with mug shots, twerk sessions and (almost) nude shots galore.

Nothing quite moves a crowd the way Queen Bey’s legendary dance moves do, though, so when she borrowed a few from fellow royalty, the Queen of Hip-Hop Soul Mary J. Blige, fans totally—lost—it.

In a video from Bey’s impromptu, she rocked and two-stepped across the stage in the same likes as the hip-hop and R&B-soul icon. Her iridescent-platinum thigh high boots were a nostalgic touch, too. The routine was so similar, in fact, that one Twitter user coined a new term for the Queen: #YonceJBlige.

Expect to see this clip floating around social media’s ever-present meme mania soon too, especially after the tweeter captioned the video, “Weekend mood on a Tuesday!!” Mary will be hitting international stages pretty soon as well when the official “King and Queen of Hearts” world tour kicks off.

Maybe she’ll nab a twerk move or two from Bey to return the salute (and to show the fans that Aunty Mary’s still got it).

Meet #YonceJBlige in the clip below.

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