Beyonce to Online Followers: Eat This

(Newser) – So, what’s all that Greenprint stuff on Beyonce’s Instagram feed? Bey stirred up the beehive Thursday when she advocated plant-based living in a rare social-media endorsement, the AP reports. It helped that she also announced to her 123 million followers a sweepstakes for lifetime concert tickets to her shows or those of hubby Jay-Z after she asked the question: “What is your Greenprint?” Well, The Greenprint is the title of a new book by the superstar couple’s personal trainer, Marco Borges, a plant-based guru who has also worked with Jennifer Lopez, Shakira, Pharrell, Diddy, and Ryan Seacrest. The title refers to the impact on the planet that one can make by going plant-based.

Borges, a Miami-based exercise physiologist and father of four, first got Bey going with The 22-Day Revolution on the same subject. She wrote the foreword for that book in 2015. She and Jay-Z penned the introduction for the new book, out in time for the New Year’s resolution season from the imprint Harmony Books. Borges says he once hoped to be a doctor but found medicine “far too reactive” when people needed a “proactive” approach to health. “As I immersed myself in all the science, the data and the clinical trials, I realized that if you were looking for optimum wellness, improved performance and your best chance of survival, you had to move toward a plant-based diet,” he says. “I’ve been living plant-based ever since and it’s been 14, 15 years now.” (Meanwhile, experts say the world urgently needs a new diet.)

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