Beyoncé & Ed Sheeran's Stage Outfits Ignite Gender Standards Debate

December 04 2018 6:15 PM EST

Beyoncé and Ed Sheeran took to the Global Citizen Festival last Sunday to perform their #1 duet, “Perfect,” but fans were paying attention to more than just the music. 

After images from the show circulated around Twitter, a heated debate sparked over what the two superstars were wearing on stage. Beyoncé dons an intricately beautiful (and most surely expensive) pink gown while Sheeran sports a simple t-shirt (with a long-sleeve shirt underneath) and jeans. 

The debate is one that has hovered over the pop music world for years. While women pop stars are expected to have elaborate looks and/or several costume changes during their shows, men are free to perform in the most basic of outfits, sometimes just sweatpants and a tank top—or even shirtless

It begs the question: is there a double standard for our entertainers?

Twitter obsessed over the question:

What do you think? Let us know in the comments!

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