Beyoncé with her husband, the rapper Jay-ZBEYONCE.COM

If you’re slap-bang in the middle of a holiday wardrobe crisis and are wondering if a beach towel counts as clothes, then I have one word for you: Beyoncé. She’s just got back from an Italian sojourn on a £160 million superyacht and has helpfully shared her holiday album on her website,

Beyoncé’s daughter Blue IvyBEYONCE.COM

We are studying Beyoncé’s summer wardrobe as if it’s our second job. Naturally, all of this season’s key trends are present and correct — there are crochet cover-ups, diaphanous kaftans, massive straw hats, tiny sunglasses — and she has even started a few of her own (expect to see jewelled football shirts and hair charms on the beautiful people at Soho House this August).

The first takeaway is that dresses can be…