Beyoncé, Wealthier Than The Pope, Spotted Shopping At A Target In LA

There are not a lot of similarities between my life and the life led by Beyoncé. We don’t travel in the same circles or do the same things. While I’m busy* smoking weed and eating chips, Beyoncé is busy taking top-secret Concorde flights to the cave in South America in which an 83-year-old still-alive Elvis is living out the end of his days in quiet meditation.

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Her life is so abstractly different from mine that I cannot even begin to picture how it functions. At a guess I would assume that if she ever wants or needs for anything, she speaks the words aloud and one of several highly trained aides presents it to her, a full 15 seconds before she even asked for it. It’s hard to, say, imagine Beyoncé ever having to go to Target. But I don’t have to imagine it, because it happened for some reason.

The photo, shared by fan accounts, is purportedly from a Target in Los Angeles and taken by another shopper on Monday. She appears to be in some sort of baby-stuff-related aisle, but Chrissy Teigen took her own (tongue in cheek) guess at what she might be shopping for:

Incredible: Celebrities, they’re just like us, except they also have more money than dozens of people could possibly need in a lifetime.

Image: Getty Images / Kevin Winter

Source: Beyonce

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