I worked out like Beyoncé for a week, and I fell on my face, almost threw up, and have never felt …

I go into the first day of working out feeling pretty confident since I recognize all of the moves in Borges’ workout plans. Admittedly, I’m not too concerned about my ability to do them, either.

In a 2015 Glamour interview, Borges recommended using boxing materials and big weight ropes for strength building.

I don’t have either so I improvise by using his equipment-free suggestions and some tips from Beyoncé’s “Let’s Move” health-initiative Instagram video from 2015.

I start by attempting the weighted alternating-dumbbell punches that the singer showcased in her video.

I use two 5-pound weights and I make a point of keeping my core tight and twisting with the different punches.

My whole upper body starts hurting after just one set of 10 on each side. I manage to finish two sets of these punches before giving up.

After that, I am tempted to let my upper body rest by getting in a little cardio, but I know that I will be way too tired to finish the rest of my strength training if I do that.

So, I decide to tackle the “Lemonade” singer’s full-body sit-ups and standing-side crunches next. These weren’t too tough because I do Pilates often.

First, I do two sets of 10 of the full-body sit-ups with a 5-pound medicine ball.

Then, I do 10 standing-side crunches on each side of my body, resting between reps.

Basically, for these, you stand with your knees bent slightly and your hands behind your head and then crunch to the right side while also bringing your right knee up toward your elbow. Then, do the same with your left side.

They were pretty easy.

But then, as my workout for the day comes to a close, I get nervous about what Borges seems to believe is the “holy grail” of the songstress’s upper-body workout — explosive push-ups.

I can hardly do a standard push-up let alone these, which you end by springing up into the air.

To keep things easy for myself, I decide to aim for completing just five explosive push-ups.

My first attempt is a failure. After just one, my arms give out after I try to push myself into the air and I fall on my face.

My arms are pretty shaky, so I do the rest of the four push-ups on my knees before laying down on the mat and taking a breather.

At this point, I am really dreading closing out my workout with some cardio and interval training to build “stamina and explosiveness, which [Beyoncé] needs to move across the stage,” according to Borges.

He has the singer sprint for one minute followed by two minutes of brisk walking, which she keeps alternating for half an hour.

About five minutes into this cardio routine, I start feeling faint and like I am going to pass out or throw up.

Needless to say, I definitely underestimated how hard this was going to be, and I lay down in fetal position until I feel better.

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