Iconic US Franchise Debuts Indie Rock Band in New National Commercial

As a filmmaker I was very drawn to Adrian’s story and his band, Quantum Split, because of the overall positive message they champion as artists

The beloved fast food franchise McDonald’s is set to release their newest commercial during MTV’s 2018 European Music Awards, and this year, they aren’t the only American’s who are loving it. Quantum Split, a rock and soul band consisting of native New Yorkers, will catch their big break on November 4th when MTV premieres their commercial worldwide following the esteemed award show featuring their original song ‘Say What You Gotta Say’. With music that captivates their audience instantaneously and sheds light on a variety of topics that the modern day American can relate to, Quantum Split is on their way to being the voice of this generation.

After attending an open casting, Adrian Read (Bronx, New York) was ecstatic when he received a call telling him that McDonald’s wanted to help tell his story. After speaking with the producers about his life and what is most important to him, the band was asked to join in the shoot. “Quantum Split has played a big role in my journey of self discovery and with them I have fulfilled my dream of traveling the world, performing on many different stages, and expressing myself through music,” said Read. “Having them be a part of the commercial with me reminds me of how grateful I am for all the moments and opportunities we have shared together.”

Along with Read, who plays Lead Guitar, Quantum Split consists of Soleil Laurent (Lead singer and guitarist), Ivan Hardy (Bass Guitarist), and Richard Chen (Drummer). The band writes and performs their own original songs, aiming to inspire listeners through messages like ‘Gain your independence!’ ‘Create your own imprint!’ and ‘Let no one give you YOUR identity!’ Quantum Split has headlined shows in New York City, been requested to go to Africa three times, and have been sponsored by the US Embassy in Kigali, Rwanda because of their stand for people.

When asked about their decision to work with the band, the production team from McDonald’s and Viacom Velocity had nothing but good things to say. “As a filmmaker I was very drawn to Adrian’s story and his band, Quantum Split, because of the overall positive message they champion as artists,” said Amy Rice, the director of the commercial. Rice has worked as a director for HBO and The Oprah Winfrey Network, and is most notably known for her work on the documentary By The People: The Election of Barack Obama. Tommy Shull, owner of Stuck in Motion, who edited the commercial said, “Adrian is a Rock n’ Roller in the truest sense.” Shull has worked with an array of artists, notably Jay Z and Beyoncé during their On the Run tour.

Soon to have a worldwide campaign at their heels, this band is ready to leave their imprint on the music industry. Having never released a recorded piece of music, they’ve gained their fanbase through their live performances and actively updating their youtube channel and social media accounts (Instagram: @QuantumSplit, Facebook: Quantum Split).

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