'It's mad – there are no words': Glasgow dad who shot viral clip shared by Beyoncé breaks silence

A GLASGOW dad has been left stunned after a short video clip he shot after Jay-Z and Beyoncé’s Glasgow concert was picked up by the singing superstars.

Tommy Coakley’s name has been seen in almost every country across the globe after he captured crowds leaving Hampden Park on Saturday while belting out ‘Forever Young’.

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Speaking to the Evening Times, a stunned Tommy said: “It’s so surreal. Just unexpected and way over-the-top. You just don’t expect something like that to be picked up by one of the world’s biggest singers.”

The 50-year-old enjoyed the gig with his daughter Heather and niece Benitha, who had travelled through to Glasgow from Edinburgh.

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He got up to leave the venue a little earlier when he heard the massive crowd burst into the emotive hit the couple had just finished their set with.

(Amended credit: Tommy Coakley)

Hoping to capture 28-year-old Heather and 23-year-old Benitha among the crowd “for a laugh,” he posted the video onto his Twitter.

Within minutes, it received around 16,000 hits. By the time Tommy had driven through to Edinburgh to drop off Benitha, it was at 42,000 and counting.

Currently, it’s close to six million views in under 12 hours.

Tommy, an engineer in Glasgow City Centre, said: “The On the Run II Tour Twitter account retweeted the clip. I couldn’t believe it.”

The most staggering thing was the fact Tommy’s clip helped to break Beyoncé’s two-and-a-half year Instagram silence.

The 36-year-old songstress is known to post images and video on her Instagram without any caption. However, posting Tommy’s video, she wrote: “Thank you Glasgow for being an amazing audience!”

Evening Times:

Tommy added: “My daughter and niece couldn’t believe it. Heather kept telling me Beyoncé hadn’t captioned a thing on her Instagram in years.

“When posted by Beyoncé last night, the number of views just kept going up and up. You could tell people were getting up in different time zones and watching it: South America, Africa, Indonesia and LA. A rapper shared it in Vegas as well and it did really well there. I just thought it was going to be a hit with Scottish audiences.

“It just highlights the power of social media. I don’t want anything for the video and I didn’t do it for the likes.

“I hope it shows Glasgow in a great light. We’re a city of people from all walks of life coming together to enjoy music.”

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