It's now harder to get a ticket for a London NFL game than a Beyoncé concert – so where next for …

You’re sat hunched over your computer, five different tabs open in three different browsers. One more open on your phone. The group chat is overflowing with anxiety and everyone is just waiting. Poised, with their trigger fingers hovering over the refresh button, counting down the seconds until it’s time to pounce.

What does this make you think of? Glastonbury, right? Maybe Arctic Monkeys at the O2, or Jay-Z and Beyoncé at the London Stadium.

But for fans of American football, this is also now the reality of getting tickets for the few games a year played in London.

A decade ago it seemed unthinkable that the British public would be scrambling to watch the Tennessee Titans in the same way they do Justin Timberlake. America’s Game was always a very niche interest to us, our knowledge of the sport limited to the odd game of Madden played round a friend’s house (quickly ditched because neither of you knew the rules).

No longer. Sky Sports now airs as many NFL games per week as it does Premier League. You regularly see American football stories take up prime positions on the BBC Sport website, and I challenge you to spend more than 20 minutes walking around a big city without seeing someone in a Cowboys jacket, a Giants cap, or a Patriots beanie.

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