John Singleton memorial: Beyonce's mother Tina Knowles, Maxine Waters, Nia Long and Ice Cube …

John Singleton’s loved ones have gathered for a memorial at the Angelus Funeral Home in Los Angeles after his shock death in late April at the age of 51.

Beyonce’s mother Tina Knowles was seen walking into the Celebration Of Life which also saw Ice Cube, Nia Long, Tyrese Gibson. Maxine Waters and Ludacris as guests.

John will be buried at Forest Lawn in Hollywood Hills following the service. 

A representative for the Singleton family shared that they are planning a public memorial for a later date. 

His daughter Justice Maya Singleton, 26, was also seen at the memorial. She has siblings Cleopatra, Hadar, and Maasai.

Nia Long wore a white outfit as she was escorted into the event by a bodyguard.

Tina looked distraught as she held hands with her husband Richard Lawson.

She had on a black dress with a long necklace that had a pendant as well as a red tassel. 

Tyrese Gibson, who worked with Singleton on the 2003 film 2 Fast 2 Furious, was also seen. The 40-year-old actor was in a suit.

Actor/rapper Ice Cube, left, a cast member in his 1991 debut film Boyz n the Hood, arrived with his wife Kimberly.

Maxine Waters, a politician serving as the U.S. Representative for California’s 43rd congressional district since 2013, came with a friend. 

In late April, Singleton’s family announced their difficult decision to take him off life support less than two weeks after he suffered a major stroke and was placed in a medically-induced coma.

His health drastically deteriorated on April 17, shortly after he checked himself into the Cedars-Sinai hospital, in California, having experienced pain in his legs during a run in Costa Rica days earlier. 

‘Rest In Power, my friend. One of the greatest to ever do it,’ said actress and director Regina King, in an emotional Instagram post alongside a slideshow of photos showing the pair together.

‘Thank you GOD for blessing us with this gift better known as John Singleton. Having trouble finding enough words to share just what you mean to me. Will always love you John! Your spirit will forever shine bright.’ 

King’s post was followed up a short while later by musician and actor Jamie Foxx, who cited Singleton’s profound impact on film. 

‘God blessings… you changed a culture with your art…and impacted the world with your vision… my prayers are still up… hoping for a miracle,’ Foxx said. 

Fellow Academy Award-nominated director Ava DuVernay took to Twitter to say how Singleton’s trailblazing works and personal support network have helped lay the foundations of her own artistic visions.

‘Lifting my highest thoughts + prayers of intercession for John Singleton. His films helped form me. His kindness lifted me up,’ DuVernay’s post began. 

‘I remember him coming to the premiere of my indie years ago. Showing love/support for a fellow black director from LA. He is a lovely man. Pray with me.’

Chance the Rapper and ‘Get Out’ director Jordan Peele also waded in with their own words of condolence and admiration, with Peele noting that Singleton simply ‘changed everything’.  

According to an earlier report by TMZ, Singleton had been in a medically-induced coma and was no longer responding to treatment as of Monday morning. 

Doctors said his condition showed no signs of improvement, tragically leaving his family with only one harrowing option. 

‘This was an agonizing decision, one that our family made, over a number of days, with the careful counsel of John’s doctors,’ his family said in a statement Monday 

‘John Singleton is a prolific, ground-breaking director who changed the game and opened doors in Hollywood, a world that was just a few miles away, yet worlds away, from the neighborhood in which he grew up.

‘We are grateful to his fans, friends and colleagues for the outpouring of love and prayers during this incredibly difficult time,’ the statement continued. ‘We want to thank all the doctors at Cedars Sinai for the impeccable care he received.’

According to his family, Singleton had a long-history of suffering with hypertension, a condition common among African-American men that is caused by high blood pressure placing strain on functions of the heart.

‘More than 40% of African American men and women have high blood pressure, which also develops earlier in life and is usually more severe.’

Yesterday, actress Taraji P. Henson – who collaborated with Singleton on a number of films – visited the father-of-five in hospital and claimed he ‘jumped up’ in his comatose state when he heard her voice. 

‘Visited you today. Me and @tyrese prayed so hard over you. You heard my voice and jumped up,’ Henson said in an Instagram post. ‘I HAVE HOPE AND FAITH BECAUSE I KNOW THAT #GODIS. Keep praying EVERYBODY for our beloved @johnsingleton.’

On Monday, Three 6 Mafia rapper Juicy J revealed an text exchange between himself and Singleton, suggesting the pair were in the early stages of piecing together a biopic about the Memphis based Hip Hop group – which J believes would’ve been a shoe-in for an Oscar win.

‘John Singleton was a true inspiration,’ said author Joy Reid. ‘He made movies that told our stories and he showed us that their could be limitless possibilities for young, black, creative people.’

Script-writer, producer and author Shondar Himes said she was personally offered words of encouragement from Singleton when she was a struggling student, shortly after the release of Boyz n the Hood.

‘There was a time when I was struggling to pay my bills in film school and not sure this town was for me.

‘And one day…My phone rang. It was John Singleton. John did not know me at all. But someone at USC had told him I was talented and he was kindly calling to offer me some words of encouragement.

 ‘He told me to keep writing. I never forgot it.’

News of Singleton’s ailing condition has caused conflict to break out among a number of his family members who are battling to take control of his estate – which is valued at $1.4 million, recently released documents show. 

His mother, Shelia Ward, requested that a judge appoint her as the temporary conservator of Singleton’s affairs, because he is currently ‘unable to properly provide for his personal needs for physical health, food, clothing, or shelter,’ and does not have any medical directives.

She said that her son was involved in a number of business ventures and recently agreed to sign a sizable settlement agreement. 

Ward argues that she is the best person to handle those affairs and execute the agreement on Singleton’s behalf, while he’s in a coma.  

However, Singleton’s 21-year-old daughter, Cleopatra, public disputed Ward’s description of her father’s condition, insisting it wasn’t as severe as her grandmother had claimed.

‘My father is not in a coma… My dad is progressing every day…My father is breathing on his own. He is only medically sedated to keep his blood pressure low and allow the vessels in his brain to heal.’

Cleopatra also added that her father’s state was yet to be diagnosed by doctors, and she called her grandmother’s motives for wanting to take control of Singleton’s fortune ‘disturbing’.

‘My grandmother’s intentions toward my father and his children are disturbing,’ Cleopatra said. ‘She cannot be [a]conservator of his person or his estate.’

Singleton became the first ever African-American director to be nominated for an Oscar, following his debut film ‘Boyz n the Hood’, which was released in 1991. 

Just 24 at the time, he also secured a nomination for Best Original Screenplay.

When the script was first commissioned, it’s said that Singleton was offered $100,000 to relinquish his position as director on the production, as executives said they’d prefer a more experienced candidate.

However, he refused, instead telling them ‘I’m doing this movie. This is the movie I was born to make’.

He remains to be the youngest ever director to be nominated for an Oscar. 

His other films include ‘Poetic Justice,’ starring Janet Jackson and Tupac Shakur, ‘Shaft’, ‘2 Fast 2 Furious’ and ‘Four Brothers’.

More recently his show ‘Snowfall’, of which he co-created, had been renewed by FX for the third season.  

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