Lady Gaga Wasn't Meant To Be In A Star Is Born

Another massive celeb was supposed to play Ally. 

A Star Is Born is the movie of the year. Yes, we know it came out in 2018 but it’s still very important. 

Don’t lie to us, we know you’re still listening to ‘Shallow’ on repeat. 

Correction: A Star Is Born is the movie of the century. Basically, it’s a great movie. 

Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga play the roles of Jackson and Ally perfectly and it’s hard to imagine the movie without them. But what if we told you Gaga was never supposed to be in the film?

Yep, Gaga was the SECOND choice to play Ally. 

According to IMDB, Beyoncé was originally in talks to play the leading role. 

“Talks of a fourth A Star Is Born remake began in 2011 with Clint Eastwood attached to direct and Beyoncé set to star,” it reads. 

“However, the project was delayed due to Beyoncé’s pregnancy.”

Yeah, having a baby will do that. 

That’s not all though, because Bradley wasn’t meant to be in the movie either! 

IMDB says that Christian Bale, Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Cruise, Johnny Depp, and Will Smith were all in talks to play the male lead. 

They’re all great picks but they’re no Bradley. 

A movie with Beyoncé and Leonardo DiCaprio would have been drastically different… it probably would have included a lot more sequins and maybe an iceberg. 

Images: A Star Is Born / Warner Bros. Pictures, Giphy / Giphy.

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