Naomi Osaka Opens Up About Boys, Beyoncé and Her US Open Win on 'Ellen'

Last Saturday, Naomi Osaka became a household name when she won her first Grand Slam at the 2018 U.S. Open, beating out tennis legend Serena Williams. Though her victory was clouded by on-court controversy (Google it), the 20-year-old ultimately came out on top to become the first Japanese person (male or female) to win the prestigious singles title.

On the heels of her life-changing win, Osaka stopped by The Ellen DeGeneres Show to open up about all things professional and personal.

When probed about the now infamous argument, Osaka admits that, in the moment, she actually had no idea what was going on. Though she knew there was a disagreement between her opponent and the officiant, she chose to keep her focus on the task at hand: winning the match.

Disputes and international titles aside, Osaka went on to prove that she really is just a normal girl when revealing her all-time favorite singer (Queen B) and #1 celebrity crush (oh, hey, Michael B. Jordan!).

Tennis superstars, they’re just like us.

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