R&B Snippets: K. Michelle & Beyonce!

K. MICHELLE SIGNS WITH DEATH ROW FOR NEW SINGLE: K. Michelle will be releasing her next single on Death Row Records. She took to social media on Wednesday (May 15th) and shared a photo of herself wearing a Death Row Records hoodie. She also revealed that she has signed a deal with the label. She said, “Guess who’s releasing a record on DEATHROW.” K added that the deal is not permanent, saying, “y’all not my album a song😂 Calm down.” She went on to say, “Call me a crazy lady but I’ve always wanted to to be apart of deathrow!Lol! My crazy a** is gone do it! I used to wear my Tupac shirt my momma bought me and rap and sing!Ha! Do anything you want!” 

BEYONCÉ’S ‘HOMECOMING’ NUMBERS ARE IN: Neilsen has revealed Beyoncé’s numbers for her Netflix documentary, Homecoming, are in. According to Complex via Variety, the documentary had an estimated 1.1 million U.S. viewers with an average per-minute audience of 828,000 on the launch date — April 17th. The average remained the same through the weekend ending April 21st. Nielsen’s report also revealed that the film set a record with a 55 percent black viewership during the first seven days of its release — the highest percentage of any original streaming show or movie tracked by Nielsen thus far. The seven-day period’s audience was also 70 percent women. 

Source: Beyonce

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