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Kanye West was the hero we didn't know we needed

On the 10th anniversary of the infamous “Imma let you finish” episode, Josie Adams reflects on what this moment revealed about both Taylor Swift and Kanye West. Cast your mind back a decade: 2009 DJ Earworm was still good, Barack Obama was sworn in as president of the US, Israeli ...

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Team ADTV's 2019 Creative Arts Emmy Predictions (Night 1)

The 2019 Creative Arts Emmy Awards will be held this weekend in ceremonies spanning two nights. This year as before, Team ADTV has taken on the foolheartdy task of predicting the full suite of Emmy nominations, including both Creative Arts ceremonies. While Night 2 holds the categories that are more ...

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Why concert tickets have gotten so expensive

It’s way more expensive to buy concert tickets today than it was just a couple of decades ago, and we mostly have the internet to thank. Before the streaming age, artists raked in the bulk of their money from album sales. But nowadays if you take a look at the ...

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