Tomi Lahren Bashed Beyoncé And The Beyhive Fiercely Defended Its Queen

When Fox News contributor Tomi Lahren bashed Beyoncé on Twitter early Wednesday, the pop star’s fans immediately sprang to their queen’s defense.

Lahren sparked anger by sharing this photograph of Beyoncé presenting former San Francisco 49er Colin Kaepernick with Sports Illustrated’s Muhammad Ali Legacy Award on Tuesday night:

Police-hating Beyoncé presents police and America-hating Kappy with a “legacy” award. This is how far we’ve fallen. Wow.

— Tomi Lahren (@TomiLahren) December 6, 2017

Kaepernick began protesting racial injustice and police brutality last year by taking a knee during the national anthem before NFL games. He received the award for using his platform to try to effect change.

Lahren described Beyoncé as “police-hating” and Kaepernick as “police and America-hating” in her caption.

“This is how far we’ve fallen. Wow,” she added.

Lahren has repeatedly criticized Kaepernick in the past. On Thanksgiving, she even shared a manipulated image depicting him appearing to take a knee during the 1944 D-Day landings.

Her latest post did not go down well:

The Beyoncé jealousy is real. 😂 Perhaps because she is a beautiful, successful, talented woman and isn’t on her parent’s insurance?

— Marcella (@marcellalaluna) December 6, 2017

How far we’ve fallen was obvious November 8, 2016.

— Kristen Clark (@luv2hugtreez) December 6, 2017

You keep mentioning Beyoncé why? You’d think you have more important issues to worry about. She’s never said a single word or thing about you lady. Lmao

— IAm… (@Xander_ascends) December 6, 2017

Good to see you’re drinking all of the #FauxNews Kool-aid these days. Beyonce & Kaepernick have been very clear that they respect the police. What they protest is the continued racial inequality & unjustified homicides of black men and women at the hands of too many officers.

— Jon Day (@_jonday) December 6, 2017

They dont hate police and they dont hate America. They hate the injustices in our society that mainly affects Minorities in this country. Why dont you get that?

— Kyle Bergesen (@XxKyleB) December 6, 2017

“Police-hating Beyoncé”

Criminally dishonest. You are not a journalist, you are a propagandist.

Enjoy infamy.

— MacGregor (@m4cgr3g0r) December 6, 2017

Beyoncé has more class in her finger than you ever will, Tomi. #Beyonce

— joseph (@joseph984) December 6, 2017

Aww we love a fan

— Jonathan Lewis (@jonantlew) December 6, 2017

How far we’ve fallen is #RoyMoore. And you. Sheesh.

— sjcarl (@sjcarl) December 6, 2017

Watch Bey catch some shit for giving a speech and awarding Kaepernick. I can already hear Tomi Lahren now. “Beyoncé, you presented an award to someone who did a disgusting and distasteful act against this country’s flag.” 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

— ⚡️Aaroro Monroe ⚡️ (@BiggA1993) December 6, 2017

These two have more talent and integrity than you could ever dream of #jealous

— Craig Yeary (@craigtastic85) December 6, 2017

Who else is waiting to see Tomi turn bright red from Beyonce presenting Colin with the Muhammad Ali award? I can’t wait. 🍿

— l (@OfficialLeroy) December 6, 2017

Wow… practicing your freedom of speech is “America Hating” to u while regulating firearms which kills thousands on Americans each year is not ! Never understood your logic @TomiLahren

— sharief faraidooni (@MoeFaraidooni) December 6, 2017

He should be commended for giving voice to those that are not famous. Oh wait, he was!

— Nolan 🚀❤ :/ (@sneakin) December 6, 2017

YOU are an example of how far we’ve fallen.

— Jack Boshoff (@AbpositiveJack) December 6, 2017


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